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DJ Jimmy Tango

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Resident Dj and Promoter of Trancemission
I have been playing for 15 years now, 10 of them seriously.  Starting as a Hip Hop dj I swung towards house, then Techno before coming across this twisted, fucked up sound called Goa and the rest is history..............
nights played @
Spacehopper (Birmingham)
Alien Resonance (Liverpool)
Dream Theatre (London)
Return to the Source (London)
Tribe of Frog (Ibiza)
Planet Easton (Bristol)
Trauma Trance (Newcastle)
The Awakening (Reading)
Inn A Turtle (London)
Fushion (all over)


Tango & Scorb - Trancemission@jnct21

Get in touch for live mix CDs....